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This website is a hub for networking and information sharing for Pacific oversight bodies. We encourage you to share agency news and images, contact us with upcoming events and engage in the forum discussions.

The Pacific Integrity Network is an initiative of the Pacific Governance and Anti-Corruption program, funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The purpose of the program is to improve the capacity of oversight bodies to investigate and report on corruption, as well as preventing corruption through good public administration.

The Pacific Integrity Network

The Pacific Integrity Network is a mutual support network of oversight bodies in the Pacific. Ombudsman, Auditor-Generals and Leadership Code bodies all play an integral anti-corruption role within the national integrity frameworks of Pacific Island Countries. Together, these oversight bodies provide a practical and sustainable mechanism for addressing maladministration and corruption within the public sector.

In the Pacific, a number of oversight bodies, with complementary functions, operate to target weaknesses in administrative systems which provide opportunity for corruption. Across various jurisdictions, these bodies investigate, report on (and in appropriate cases, refer for prosecution) corruption and poor administrative practice identified through complaints, tip-offs, inspections and audits.

Within their respective jurisdictions, and within the region, Ombudsman, Auditor-General’s and Leadership Code bodies are champions of effective integrity networks, and have a role in promoting cooperation and working in a mutually supportive way.

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